Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday Morning = MC Morning

I happened to pass by Woodlands this morning and saw a very long queue outside a Clinic. Some of them were reading newspaper and some sipping their morning kopi-O from the styrofoam cup. From their posture, they simply don't looks ill to me.

This scene reminded me of my Army daze where many of my platoon mates regularly report sick whenever there is a tough training that day. I never dare to do it because I know my eyes will betray me when I tell a lie. Think that this is my conscience at work.

This conscience sometimes works against me in my career. Example, if someone look into my eyes and asked me if the investment funds I recommend are the best. I couldn't give a resounding "Yes" or "No" because it is too hard to compare and future returns are never certain. When I sounded uncertain, the trust level goes down. A good saleperson will overcome such question easily and the trust remains.

This is just one of the many traits that makes me unsuitable for a "Sales" position. My parents know me well and they are very against me joining the industry in 2003. My friends were equally surprised with my career switch.
Its 2008 and I'm still in the industry. Can I say that I am not in a Sales Position, thats why I'm surviving?

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