Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Temporary Notice

I had received many comments. Some contain good points.

However, they also contain insulting remarks that scold agents, insurance company or some particular individuals. Some comments even contain vulgarities.

I am not able to post such comments even with the good points that you have. Hope you can refrain from such remarks.

(This posting will be removed 7 days later)


Anonymous said...

Adtrain, at least you should sum up their feelings without the dirty words.
Also expose the companies. Hope you are unbiased. if you want more visitors then you should rel;ax and not hugging like some of colleagues' blog, like great wall of China trying to keep out other views.

Anonymous said...

Comments modified...

Can understand the vulgarities. People are frustrated with the company and their agents. They got the guts to ask you to invest in their products which give less then CPF. If I had been blur, i would have invested my special account in NTUC growth plan. A female agent pested me day and night to invest in it.
Why she was so keen? I found out she could get 2% commission more than usual. I heard she achieved mdrt and at the expense of their customers.
Do you think the people under her or her customers can ever achieve financial independence or retirement? I may consider complaining her to MAS.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Views are welcome but pollutions are not. I'll not allow my blog to be polluted with dirty words and insults without reasonable basis.

It is unfair to say that an advisor achieved MDRT at the expense of customers when you did not know what she did to the rest.

Nevertheless, it is rare for an adviser to recommend growth plan using CPFSA. It may not be a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

Adrain, it is not an unfair deduction that this female agent achieved mdtr through crooked means.What she did tells somethings of her characters.It is faulty.
Adrain, either you naive or you are biased. I have not only experienced but have heard of many cases ntuc agents tried to sell the idea of clients investing their SA account in growth plan bluffing them with double insurance in event of accident . This is distracting the customers from seeing horriblle return of growth as compared to CPF .CPF is about retirement and not insurance.
This is not isolated. It is still happening now. They are desperate. They are also attacking the annuity. The whole world knows that CPFLife is the best yet you find ntuc agents trying to steal the retirement by bluffing them ntuc annuity . This is indeed character defect. How can they do to those innocent, naive, ignorant old people?
Adrain, i hope you can set the record right by sharing with your readers what they should do with their SA account and why CPFLIFE annuity is the best for memmebrs.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Not sure why NTUC Income was emphasized in my blog. You seems to dislike Income agents a lot. However, my blog have nothing to do with the company.

To be fair, there are black sheeps in every companies, not only NTUC Income. I can easily list a dozen of such unethical acts by these black sheeps. MAS is working hard towards protecting the consumers and keeping them informed. Things will just get better.

I'll take your comment and will write about CPFSA and CPFLife in future. Thanks.

Derek said...

Hi Adrain,

Having a blog will definitely have it's own fair share of positives and negatives. It is make worse especially for your profession. Nevertheless, don't lose heart. Be encouraged by the positive feedback and learn from the criticisms and I'm sure you will eventually reach your goal.


Anonymous said...

Things get worse each time i post.I am the negative guy you can hate. I don't care as long you find interesting to publish or you find it news worthy to publish becuase it concerns you and or your company or your 'profession".
I was at one of the ntuc roadshows and believe it or not, one agent tried to sell me the idea of buying revosave to fund vivvolife. Adrain, let me ask you , your honest opinion, whether this scheme works for the client or against the client. i think it is your duty as a trained financial planner to comment fairly without fear of even
screwing up your colleague or your company. I know i put you on the is no problem to you, right? You even dared and made negative critical comment about your ex-ceo, this is small problem.
My opinion is the ntuc agent is a
crook. If that was her 'strategy' i wonder how many victims she would have trapped and swindled. It is as good as daylight robbery.
I would like to hear from you since you know better. I hope you will not disappoint me.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Your comment is not surprising and nothing new to me. Such things don't happen in just one or two companies. Its happening in the whole industry.

This is a industry problem where advisers are not properly trained. Many advisers sell by concept rather than by fact.

The interesting part is, "They are convinced that they are right". Such mis-selling are then passed down to the less experienced advisers by their agency managers. The mis-selling spread like the MLM model.

A qualified Financial Planner uses a scientific approach to solve client's problem. A sales agent uses emotional approach without proper input of relevant data.

It is not fair to pin-point any advisers from any company as being crook.

Anonymous said...

I can see that you don't dare to condemn those kind of unethical practices by ntuc agents regarding buying revosave to pay for vivolife.
This is malpractice. It is clearly that the customers don't benefit. The customers incur 2 costs and the agents earn 2 commissions. Is there any enhanced benefit to justify paying 2 commissions? Common sense tells you that the customers are conned by greedy agents