Friday, February 29, 2008

Assumption - Complacent - Self Centred

I just came back from my reservist and during this period, I had read about Jemaah Islamiyah detainee Mas Selamat Kastari who had escaped from the Detainee Centre. Though not many people read my blog, I like to put a photo of him to remind my readers how he looks like. Do note that he walks with a limp too.

I was worried when I saw the article and I got more worried when I watched Channel NewsAsia when the jounalists interviewed the public.

I am not that worried about the harm that Mas Selamat Kastari will do to Singapore, I am more worried about the complancency and assumptions that these Singaporeans made. I am not sure if these interviewers were selected by the press themselves.

All of them seems to place 100% confidence that our Singapore Police is able to catch him. None of them questioned the inadequancy of the prison security. Why? Is it due to our long track record of effiency?

I remember reading Lee Kuan Yew's memoir about how much confidence Singaporeans had for their superior White Colonial Leaders when the Japanese invaded Singapore and Malaya in December 1941. Many expected their colonial leaders to be strong and mighty. They were complacent and seems to place the same 100% confidence.

I am not questioning our leaders or the system if they are truly strong and mighty. I questioning Singaporeans ability to think beyond the surface. They always assumed that everything be alright, well taken care of, jobs will always be there, Life will be good and peaceful. Our government is the best and efficient. Such assumption leads of Complacency.

When such things happen, they become self-centred. They focus on their own well being than looking wider on what is happening around them. They no longer are bothered about new policies that shape the future of the Country. They assumed that they are not part of the people who can contribute. They don't think deep enough on how to make Singapore a better place.

If the future of Singapore are run by this generation of self-centred characters who are currently more more interested in the Edison Chan saga. I'm very worried what the future of our next generation. This generation is truly untested.


Anonymous said...

It is a inside job, there is for sure.
It is even more dangerous now that that JI has sympathizers inside.

Anonymous said...

This is al kill da man in Singapore.
He is dangerous just like a wounded animal.

Anonymous said...

We will never know why he got away so easily.Until he is caught,we just have to keep searching,though it's looking like locking the stable after the horse has been stolen.

Perhaps it's Murphy's Law.