Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't go Fortune Telling !!!

I went to "Yi Wen Fang" at Simei Eastpoint to see my fortune few days ago. It don't usually believe in such thing but when we are worried about our future and don't know what God to pray, I feel that its no harm just to go and listen to the "Shi Fu".

This "Shi Fu" was featured in many newspaper and appeared on Channel U before. Her name is "Xu Yi Ting". She used my name and "Ba Zhi" (Birthdate and time) and used several methods to predict my destiny.

Our meeting took 15 minutes and what she said sunk my mood and heart. Following are some extract:

1) I am destined to slog harder than most people for my whole life. Every cent earned is very tough.
2) My fortune with money is bad. I will lose a lot of money in investments and my income are always unstable. I have a "Po Cai Min"
3) I have a lot of "Xiao Ren" and no "Gui Ren"
4) Even when there are "Gui Ren" around me, they will not realise my presence
5) The "Xiao Ren" will make you go astray and make you a poorer man

1) When my career looks ok, somethings will happen to make it go out of course. It is seldom stable.
2) I may have a lawsuit in 2010. Tell me to be careful.
3) I talk too much and it will invite trouble.
4) My career especially in 2008 will be extremely shaky

Marriage and Children:
1) If my wife is a Singaporean, I'll end up in divorce.
2) If I have chance to have Kids. It will be at age 34 and 35.

1) My lung and Kidney is no good
2) Not to eat sweet stuffs and I must never smoke
3) Do not eat Chicken and Seafood, especially those with shells.

She told me that fortune can be improved if I get their crystals necklace and put it on me daily. I can also considering changing the fengshui in my house and even changing my name.

Days after the Fortune Telling
My mood was terrible and life seems so depressed after the session. I can't sleep well for few nights thinking what she says seems to hold some truth especially with my career. I lost confidence about myself. I was very tempted to engage her services which doesn't comes cheap but eventually hold back. I start analysing.

1) Why should I believe that destiny is determined by Birthdate and name? If its true, why do twins have such different lives.
2) If I follow my set of properly diversified portfolio of investment, how will I lose money? If I lose money, that means a lot of people will lose money with me also.
3) My fortune telling only cost me $41. She may be telling me the negative things about me so that I can engage her service and buy their things which in the region of several hundreds.

I really regret going for this fortune telling session and I urge you guys not to go for one. It had affected me negatively and now I must keep telling myself to get out of these thoughts and be myself.


Helmi Hakim said...

Dont believe a single word they say, or it will be a self fulfilling phophecy.

Thoughts becomes things.

The law of attraction says that you attract the events surrounding you.

A positive thought is many many times more powerful than a negative one.

You are the best and will remain to be the best in your industry.

You strive for the better and you will be better and the best will come from you.

Stay positive! :)

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing good or bad,except that thinking makes it so" Shakespeare.
While the day one is born and one's name may have some influence on one's life,it's still our thoughts and deeds that will determine the quality of our lives.

Eventually,whatever may happen to us,one thing is certain: We always reap what we sow.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing is good or bad,except that thinking makes it so"

The day one is born and the name one is given may have some influence on our lives.It's still our thoughts and deeds that will determine the quality of our lives.

Eventually,Whatever may happen to us,we will always reap what we sow.In short,our karma are what that matters most.

Fortune-telling is only some kind of cheap thrill.

Anonymous said...

$41 could have gotten you a good term plan instead of spending it on self inflicted anxiety. This is what the fortune teller may be thinking of you too. Another sucker.

Anonymous said...

What do insurance salesmen and fortune tellers have in common?
#1. Both bullshit
#2. Both try to frighten the hearer
with an ulterior motive
#3. Both end up short changing the
#4 Both don't help the client
#5. Both are interested to make money
from clients only
#6. Both screw up people's life

Anonymous said...

might like to read

Anonymous said...

Have to share this with you. When my mum went to a fortune teller, he told her she would not live pass x years. I saw her lived in fear and misery till x year she made this remark came true. I was little then and could not help in any way.

Anonymous said...

Hey..I went to the same place also. Guess what, she spent almost 0.5 hr talking, and at the end, when I got a chance to read what she was drawing on those messy papers, I realised that she caculated wrongly, she claimed that her assistant punching in wrong infomation -DOB for her...I knew these bunch of ppl over there are rubbish...haahaa , dont believe them, believe in yourself k...