Friday, December 4, 2009

2 lessons learnt

I received a call this evening and saw an email when I reached home. Both of them saw my blog articles.

Mr Chew called and lectured me that I did not follow up on his proposal and expect him to remind me that he is interested to buy some insurance. No matter how good my advisory ability is, if I lacks the sales instinct, I'll not survive. He reminded me to remember the parato principal and categorise my clients.

From the call, I realised that I had spent too much time fighting fire without realising that I had forgotten to harvest my corps. What he lectured about me are right and I must wake up.

As for the email I received, it had hit me hard too. "Confidence" is the word.

++ Qte ++

Dear Adrian,

I chanced upon your blog and decide to invest 5 minutes on you.

I will not comment on your capability or intelligence but I think you lack self esteem. You can read some motivation books to change your mindset and to regain confidence.

Only when you start believing in yourself, your career will pick up and attract positive people to buy insurance from you. I think your industry is about building trust and with confidence, people will feel it and will trust you more. Successful people are not necessarily intelligent, they can be simple people who are just more confidence than the rest.

You don’t looks very old to me. Try 2 more years and see if this industry suits you. Find successful agents, stick to them and learn from them. Be a child again and find out when you lost your self esteem. Start loving, believing and trust yourself.

God bless.


++ Unqte ++

(I shall close on this topic and keep this article to remind myself what I went through. I will do well and 2010 will be the year.)

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