Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting complained

One Client just called me and passed a lot of negative remarks on me. I felt so lousy now. Why I always allow others to scold me again and again.

Her son was borned prematured on 19th October. She called me to sign up an Shield Plan for her son on 1st November. The case was submitted on 4th November and insurer acknowledge it on 10th November. Probably that her son was borned prematured and his weight was very low, the underwriting took a bit longer and cannot be approved by 15th of November and hence policy cannot be commenced by 1st December. The earliest date of commencement will be on the 1st January.

She insisted that I told her that the policy will commence on 1st December and now probably going to complain against me for misrepresentation that I'd promise a 1st December commencement date for her baby.

I felt sad and frustrated with all these Shield Plans. Heavy Administration work, Very problematic and stringent underwritings, very easy to claim, earn peanuts and get scolded. I also lost a prospect as I look forward helping them with a more detailed planning.


Anonymous said...

One reason your client scold you is because you are sandwish between the client and the insurer. Both parties are not within your control. While it is known that some clients are unreasonable and you cannot avoid it totally, you do know that insurers (and any product manufacturers) can potentially "sabo" you. The only way out is NOT to sell products.

Anonymous said...

Learn to choose your client. Tell this client that you are throwing away her, disown her. Inform ntuc that you are discharging yourself.
Don't be a sucker . Don't bow to unreasonable clients. They will give trouble in the future. lelong them.
She is petty.. you are too chin chye and you are taken advantage. of.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Many customers don't understand that getting an insurance plan is not like buying something on the shelf where you can get it almost immediately.

How I wish that some Insurance company spend more time recruiting more competent underwriters and focus on speedy administration instead of spending money on advertising on MRT stations and full page newspaper.

Rebranding is useless without the basics in place.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Adrian. It is useless to policyholders and agents like yourself that they are spending on all those adverts. But it is useful to that foreign cad sitting in the posh office sipping red wine. Because these are spent so value is created between himself and the mass media so he would not be treated like TT Durai or TKL who has offended the Mass Media people.
Nowadays policyholders are getting angrier with the way they have been shortchanged by the insurance companies management in the surreptitious design of the products and the difficulties they face in communicating with the management, so they took it out on those who represent the insurance companies and whom they can get to, thats you!
You see, by alienating the troops and remote control from high up, all the ground swelling is going to roll over you.
Get out of this industry as soon as possible, it is simply not worth it.
Only if you can get into those positions specially reserved for foreigners high up there then it is worth it. Otherwise you are better off spending more quality time with your family, who are the ones who will be there in your final moments, and not all these KPIs touting foreign wolves in coat and tie telling you what to do, massaging your shoulder for the reporters to take pictures to shove them up higher in the corporate ladder. Don't be a sucker for these charades. At the end of the day, do not be the ones whose shoulders are sagging under the weight of those who are using you to leap up the Berlin Wall to financail freedom while you face the firing squad.
Do not blame your clients, they are the victims too. They are angry, you are sad, the real culprits are laughing their way to the banks.

Anonymous said...

More sales mean they can be #1 and incomeshield is taking up their time which can be used to underwrite more revosave or vivo life which are crucial to the API. You get it?
It is year end . They are so desperate to be # 1. Now they are putting out the useless dubious capital plus to dress up the production.
Adrain, must understand them. Insurance is NOT their line, to make more sales is , to produce more API is. That is why so many of their clients are still under insured and your client's application was delayed.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you adrian.
Sometimes I wonder why they don't recruit more competent advisors instead of allowing the agencies to do a MLM type by recruiting a lot of stupid agents like yourself.