Thursday, December 3, 2009

One terrible client I remembered

Writing the previous post reminded me of one client that I met few years ago. From this, you may be able to see how stupid and easily bullied I am.

James(Not real name) had taken up a $32.50 endowment policy from me through the Army camp talks that I went. 2 months later, the policy went through and policy sent to him.

3 months later, I was on duty in NTUC Income Centre and a man rushed in to find Adrian Khiat. I went up to meet him and to understand what the problem was as I had never met that guy before. I got to know what he is Jame's Father.

He was shouting at me at the NTUC Income counter over "Why I did not help James apply for a NTUC Link Card after the policy was approved." He really scolded me and said that I had caused him inconvenience over his inability to get the linkpoints when he do his shopping the next day. I was quite sad and I put all blame on myself as if I'm wrong. I blamed myself for being incompenent and for not calling all those Army Boys from that particular BMT Company if they wants a linkcard after policy approval.

I remembered that it was a Friday and he wanted me to get down to his place at Whampoa Drive early Saturday morning 9:30am and wants me to go shopping with him. He wants to use my linkcard with my presence and I have to reimburse whatever linkpoint savings I got from his purchases.
I thought I was in the wrong for "NOT HELPING JAMES APPLY NTUC LINKCARD" and I really make my way down to Whampoa at 9:30am sharp. I called his hp and he told me to wait downstairs. I waited for more an hour and called again. He told me that he decided not to go shopping already and tell me to go back home.

Thinking back, I know I'm stupid but back then, I was depressed as if I'm such a lousy adviser for not helping James with the Linkcard. I think I take too much responsibility upon myself most of the time and I will feel very sad when I disappoint someone else. I'm not surprised if the next person use the same tone to shout at me today and I'll do the same thing because I may not know how to reject the person when they insist their way. Is it true that nice people will just get bullied or I'm simply stupid?


Anonymous said...

Loser. Its true to say that you are stupid. Quit this line and get out. There are no such thing as an honest financial adviser in Singapore because an honest adviser will die of hunger in Singapore. You may do better as a property agent.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Soon all dishonest agents will be thrown in jail. Many insurance agents will be thrown in jail to feed the lions.Many from ntuc will be dragged to jail to see if they can con the bed bugs.
Adrain, be brave. This job is for the brave and not for the quitters and the dishonest.

Anonymous said...

hey, don't listen to the first comment. There are people out there who appreciates an honest adviser. :)


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

When I work in the shipping line, I always been taken advantage of by the shipping agents, ship brokers, etc. They can shout over at me at the phone and I will be scrambling to get things done for them the whole night through.

When I work in the logistic line, I could not control the warehouse people well and got stabbed by the office people. I was stressful and not very happy there.

I work in the financial line because I thought I can analyse slightly better and I'm quite organised with my work.

I was wondering if I'll be happier or do better washing elephants in the zoo. I believe the elephants will not back-stab or shout at me over the phone.

My wife been complaining about finances and my lack of time with her. Family planning was shelved because I cannot give her the security and confidence that I can bring in the money and time for a kid. I cannot just go zoo and wash elephant now compared to when I'm still single. This is my responsible for my family and I just have to bite the bullet and re-evaluate what I can do to be better.

Anonymous said...

My NTUC agent was so lousy that I now do all the work liasing with the equally lousy office staff of NTUC Income. I never bother to call her even if I want to buy a travel policy since I can do it myself and probably quicker. My claims I do it myself too and did not bother to go through her. I never receive a call from her and all she does is to receive the commissions from my policies. You may be attracting the wrong attention from the wrong people because you respond to them. You can be like my agent who does not have any reaction and soon I do not even bother to talk to her. And I do think you are in the wrong line. Why is it that there are people who pocket millions and have so little to do, so many people to help and you pocket so little and have so much to do and have to take so much nonsense? Why some people take home millions and feel so rich every month when they check their CPF statement, do so little and talk so much crap yet you take home so little, sacrifice your family time and happiness yet feel so poor, do so much and have to take so much crap from others while those who pocket the millions get treated like royalty wherever they go and on public funds as well when they travel? It is time you do some serious reflection and change your destiny.

Anonymous said...

you can take short cut and yet not in on the needs during the preliminary meeting and if it is a simple need which doesn't require much analysis go straight to recommendation and implementation.
Don't talk grandfather story with them. The consumers are idiotic most of the times. They have no brain to understand you.Some pretend they have actually they are the worst moron.
Don't let them get you down. Be on top of them. Take it or leave it.Look , you have self worth and self respect, don't you? You don't pander and kowtow to them. You are not an insurance agent, a salesman, a beggar , a licker, right? So pick up yourself and lift up your head.

I.H.I.S said...

Hey Adrian,

Never give up man, just continue to stay focus and don't let all these people ruin you :) You are already one of the few that is cut above the rest, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Some things just take time :)

Anonymous said...

There was a zookeepper who was killed by his own elephant. Not a safe job.

No job is secure or "safe" from trouble. Managing the problem is the key.

Anonymous said...

You ask the you will get the answer. From all your previous postings, I can only conclude that you are stupid to the core but don't know that you are stupid coz you think you are only kind and easily bullied.

Happy now? :)

Please published hor, you asked the question so people respond to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

I've been a follower of your blog and your patience and dedication is admirable. You place your clients first and thats the right thing to do but there comes a time where you have to place yourself first because of your family. You mentioned in the past your wife was supportive of your job and i feel it is good to place her first before your job/clients. I was in the same position and moved on regrettably. I wish you all the best in re-evaluating your business process and career =)

Wealth Journey said...

Just read about your wife's complaining about finances. I guess she is beginning to lose confidence in your ability to bring in the dough with your sales job.

You might not like to hear this kind of things but this is the harsh realities of life.

Do consider whether you are really suited to be a Financial Planner/Advisor. The success of your role depends on your ability to SELL. You need to sell to people whether it is for your own benefit or for their benefits.

I suggest you take time to consider your core competency and maybe you will find you are more suited to back-room operations?

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 3:26pm. You think too positively of yourself. Not kind or what, BUT stupid.

I wonder if these incidents are real or you made them up as a tactic to gain sympathy and clients. Maybe you are not so poor.

But if all that you have written is true, then I tell you, don't go wash elephants, stay at home and be a househusband lar.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thanks everyone. The burden in my heart was just released. Life goes on and I must be positive.

Anonymous said...

Banish this customer to Iceland and get him marooned.

Anonymous said...

You have said it yourself... You face the same problems while in the logistics line. Now you feel it again. Therefore its time to change the way you are doing things. Otherwise its the way whereever you go...