Wednesday, December 2, 2009

B1 or A1 ward?

I was talking to one of my client last week whose teenage son was discharged from KK Hospital recently. His son stayed in B1 ward over 3 days, which is 4-beds per room ward.

He complained that he really regretted choosing the B1 ward and wants to upgrade his Medical Insurance asap. I told him that it will be very very tough for his son to get a shield plan upgrade considering that he was just discharged from hospital and need months before full recovery. He was more disappointed that he could not claim a single cent because the bill was within the deductible of $2,000.

Beside his son's bed was another boy. The boy comes from a Malay Family. They have 4-5 siblings sitting around, even on the floor day to night, making a lot of noises. The parents bought nasi lemak to the hospital room for the kids and the room was filled with smell of food and chilli. During the night, they have large group of friends and visitors coming to the room as if there is a party. My client and son was very irritated.

Well. I think this is one difference between a A1 and B1. I think C wards can be even more interesting if you are lucky. For me, I have the choice to stay wherever I like if I'm really hospitalised, including going to Private Hospitals if there is a famous doctor or surgeon there which I want to seek treatment.

Do you have a choice?


Anonymous said...

It is an isolated incident.. he should rethink instead of kicking up like s[poilt baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian

Your client should have choose additional insurance that covers dedeuctible and co-insurance(cannot use medisave to pay such premiums). For pte hospital, some of them require patients to pay upfront first, not medisave, no $ also cannot be admitted.I have been in such a situation.


Anonymous said...

If you can afford to stay in A1 and have a private surgeon of your choosing means you are not poor. Or did you have your priorities wrong? You should be prioritising your family planning first at your age rather than giving top priority to being able to choose private surgeon and staying in A class ward at your age now as you are still young and healthy. Resources are scarce so your investment now should be into those things that matter more now, like investing in getting children now rather than later and investing into generating more wealth rather than the option to choose private health care. Malay boys making a din if you are staying in a B class ward can be easily solved by either telling the head nurse or giving a call to someone who has the means to put all of them into the hospital staying in the same ward or not being able to eat chilli for a whole week if they continue the din. As a financial adviser you seem unable to prioritise your own needs and wants well enough to stay ahead of the pack. Go seek career counselling so you wont waste any more of your youth in the wrong job.