Friday, April 13, 2007

Frustrations from Call Centres

I read Mr Tan Kin Lian's blog ( recently and he reminded me the frustrations I faced with many call centres. Below is a recent experience:

I encountered configuration problem with my PDA recently. I want to call their Customer Service to check.

* I spent 5 minutes searching their website for their Customer Service no. - I failed
* I saw an email link and I click on it. I spent the next 5 minutes trying to fill up some data and one of it is "Service tag no". I can't find this service tag no. on my PDA. - I failed again.
Subsequently, i found a tel. no for the purchase of PDA
* I called that purchaser no. and for 5 minutes I was put through a series of automated voice before I managed to talk to someone. That person told me I called the wrong no. and he gave me another number.
* I called that no. and for next 5 minutes, I was put through another series of automated voice. Worse this time round, I could not find the right button to talk to anyone.
* I called the previous no. and listen to the 5 minutes voice system again, I talk to the people there and they taught me what no. to press in that technical support no.
* I listened to the frustrating series of voice for 5 minutes again before I managed to talk to an officer.

I spent nearly 30 minutes before I can talk to the right person. I was angry because they leave behind a no. to buy the PDA but not a no. to help solve our problem. They seems only interested to sell, but not to serve. There are too many layers put in place.

The best Call Centre I encountered is still the NTUC Income one. Its 24/7/365. No automated voice and usually a very sweet voice will greet me. The best thing is, "They greeted me "Mr Khiat" whenever I called them." ***Impressive*** No wonder the best call centre in the world...

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