Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hospital Insurance. You sure you have it???

I always ask my customer this simple question, "Do you have a Hospital Insurance?"
Around 80% = "Yes", 15% = "Don't Know" and rest 5% = "No"
For those who say "Yes". Many of them misunderstood what they have.

1) Some are holding to a Policy that covers Critical Illnesses.
* It does not cover their Hospital Expenses.

2) Some are holding to a Policy that covers Hospitalisation Benefit.
Hospital Benefit = $xxx for each day stay in hospital.

* It also does not cover Hospital Expenses.

3) Some are holding to Medishield.
The Benefit Limits are low and Deductible / Co-insurance applies

- Deductible = The initial $x,xxx amount to be paid by policyholder before Insurance kicks it.
- Co-insurance = The % PH has to pay after paying the Deductible
* They do not realise that Medishield is designed for prolonged stays in B2 and C wards.
* It does not fully cover Hospital Expenses

4) Some are holding to a Private Shield Plan
Same like Medishield, there are deductible and Co-insurance but they are suitable for higher wards
* Many thought pvivate Shield Plans cover every cent of the bill paid by Insurance.

* They do not check if they have another plan to cover the deductible/Co-insurance

5) Some are really fully covered.

* They may form only 25% of those who say "Yes" previously

Many of those who falls in no. 1 to 4 above are professionals and highly educated but they choose to be ignorant by not seeking advice.

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