Monday, April 9, 2007

Welcoming Mean Testing in Hospitals

Khaw Boon Wan announced that mean testing are expected in local Public hospitals within a year. (Sunday Times, 8th April 2007) What is he talking about? Let me share...
The situation?
* Those who stays in C wards are subsidize up to 80% and B2 wards up to 65%
* Subsidizes are supposed to be for the poor who cannot afford proper healthcare
* Some people abused it. They are rich but pretend to be poor and enjoy the subsidizes
* This is unfair to those who truly need the subsidizes and a drain on government expenses.
How to prevent this?
* We use a method call Mean Testing. Mean Testing is basically a check on your income and decide how much of subsidizes the government can give. I'm not sure how they will do a check on your income. Probably several questions asked on your Income before hospital admission.
Whom does it apply?
* For those staying in Public Hospitals for over 5 days
What I feel?
* Good move. You will expect less waiting time in subsidized wards as it will deter those who abuses the system. These people may choose B1 wards instead.
* I personally met few people who insisted that they will get subsidized healthcare when they are sick. Mind you, these people that I know are not poor.
* However it is not easy to implement strictly as a person's Income might be good, but expenses might be high too. It will be difficult for this group of people.
What should you do now?
* If you are an average Singaporean with at least $600-$800 per head, you better get a Healthcare Insurance when you are still healthy.
* Be prepared. Don't be "Penny Wise, Pound Fool"

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