Tuesday, April 3, 2007

An important Lesson from Dad

My toliet bowl was choked for unknown reason one morning. I tried many methods to clear it. Long/Short Flushing, Digging the toliet bowl with the toliet brush and putting in a lot toliet paper and tried pushing down the choke with the brush. My Brush broke, things got worse and I could not use that toliet bowl for 1 week.

I finally called my Dad for help. Dad came to my house, took a look, asked a few questions, then took our mop, flushed the toliet and pumped the mop real hard into the toliet bowl several times. To my astonishment, the choke was cleared in less than 10 seconds.

My Father proudly turned his head to me and proclaimed, "No problem mah, Why cannot?"
My Wife looks at me, smile and whispered, "You still got lots to learn from your Father."
I replied, "Ya, a lesson from Dad."

My Toliet Bowl, Mop and the broken Toliet Brush.

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Anonymous said...

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