Sunday, April 8, 2007

My new Wife and Mistress

Bought 2 gadgets to prepare for my next 2 years in the Financial Advisory Industry.
The Laptop is my wife. When I'm at home, I'll stick to her. (Fujitsu Lifebook S2210V2)
The PDA is my mistress. When I'm out, she'll always be with me. (Dell Axim X51)

Technology gives convenience but problems at the same time.

a) Windows Vista not compatible with Netscape Messenger. I lost thousand of emails from
b) I could not transfer my address book(LDIF file) to the Microsoft Outlook. I have 700+ contacts in it.
c) Windows Vista seems to use more energy than Windows XP. My AMD processors are emitting more heat
d) My 520MHz PDA seems a bit retarded due to the large number of clients that was stored in it.

No choice as I'm on budget. If I get an Intel Centrino Processor for my laptop, I need to fork out extra $800. If I buy a 624MHz PDA, I will need to fork out extra $130.

I will treat my Wife and Mistress with Tender Loving Care(TLC). In turn, hope they will serve me well too...

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