Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Image of Financial Planners at Stake

Again and again, I encountered "Financial Advisers" from a particular well known insurance company.

* They are everywhere, from MRT Stations, Bus Interchanges to Outside Shopping Centres.
* Many barely 21 yrs old , probably just graduate from Polytechnics.
* Some of these girls are wearing short skirts and boys wearing like "Ah Bengs"
* They stand in group of 4 to 6, among those school children selling tickets for donations
* They attract attention by asking
- "Hi Sir, Where are you going?"
- "Hi Sir, Can you help me with a survey?"
- "Hi Sir, Where are you working?", etc
* I stopped, posed as a customer and talked to them. They introduced themselves as a "Financial Planner" and asked me whether I want to buy insurance or to invest.

I am very sad to see such group of so call "Financial Advisers" that abuse the Designation of Financial Planners and degrades the image of a true Planner.

I doubted their commitment to this industry will be for long
I doubted their capabilties in giving advice to the interest of the public

Where do these advisers come from? You probably have the answer.

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