Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A True Insurance Claims Story

Below is a true story extracted from regarding his insurance Claims for his brother.
(So now you can see who give problem when it comes to claims)

I would like to share my very recent real life experiences on a death claim with 5 insurance companies which includes the big 4 insurers (in random order):

Sum Assured: $20,000 Endowment Policy
Taken up in the late 80s. very unpleasant customer service encounter with the female customer service officer which necessistated the customer service manager (at my request) to be involved. no empathy factor. claim procedure required signing of clinical abstact form which begs the question as to why? because the policy DOES NOT COVER CRITICAL ILLNESSES and already 20 years has past since the policy was incepted. need to produce original certificates, ids and even the will as well as original policy document which was retained.status: claim still not paid.

Great Eastern Life
Sum asured: third party policy with waiver of premium (total to be waived <$15,000)policy on life of proposer's child taken in the 90s. relatively simple claim procedure with only the original death certificate required to be produced.status: claim admitted.

Sum Assured: >$100,000
Needed 3 visits to settle claim procedures. but overall, satisfactory experience with this insurer. original certificates, ids, will and policy document needed. original policy document was retained.status: claim admitted. cheque of settlement still not received today.

Sum Assured: <$100,000 (2 policies)customer service officer who attended to me did not insist on need to produce original certificates, ids and policies. extremely easy and painless claim procedure without the need to sign clinical abstract forms or procure attending physician's statement. status: very impressive! first policy claim paid after 3 working days with the second just 2 days later. cheques banked in. two thumbs up to ntuc-income.

Sum Assured: <$30,000
Alas, 3 visits required because the first 2 customer service officers who attended to me omitted sounding out certain requirements which were subsequently complied with. original certificates, ids, will and original policy document must be produced but i can't help but noticed very rigid adherence to company's rules which not only necessistated obtaining signing 3 copies of clinical abstract forms but also the need to procure the attending physician's statement. this is highly unusual because the policy is firstly a quarter of a century old (what is there to uncover here?) and more significantly, DOES NOT COVER CRITICAL ILLNESSES. and but of course, the original policy document was retained.status: claim still not paid.

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