Sunday, May 6, 2007

Some things about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common woman cancer which strike every 1 in 20 woman. More younger woman
are also succumbing to Breast Cancer than before.


Who has higher Risk for Breast Cancer? Those who
* Start menstruation before 12 rather than after 14 yrs old
* Reach menopause after the age of 54 rather than 45
* Have a mother, grandmother, sister or aunt with breast Cancer. The risk will be around 2.5 times higher
* Have first child after 30 yrs old or have no children at all. (Biggest factor for recent rise of breast cancer)

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
* In the early stage, there are usually no pain and no symptoms at all. As the cancer grow, the follow symptoms appears:
a) Persistent lump or thickening in the breast or armpit area
b) Change in skin or skin colour around breast, areola or nipple
c) Newly retracted(pulled in) nipple
d) Blood or discharge from the nipple
e) Change in breast size

Some truth of Breast Cancer
1) Breast Cancer is not a death sentence. It can be cured if detected early.
2) Most breast lump are not cancerous. So do not panic if detected to have lump. Stay cool and consult your doctor.
3) Up to 10% of Breast Cancer may be missed by mammograms.
4) The amount of radiation from mammography equipment is very low. Do not fear on radiation exposure or pain and keep you away from checkups
5) Breast Cancer lump tend to be painless, hard, fixed in position. They may grow very fast or very slowly.
6) Mastectomy(removal of breast) is not required for all breast cancer thanks to new technologies.

Protect yourself
* Do a monthly self-examination
* Go for Mammogram every yr or onces in 2 yrs (esp for those above 40 yrs old)
- A Mammogram cost around $50 if done at X-ray centres in Polyclinics
* Exercise regularly, have a balanced diet and breast-feed your babies can reduce your risk.

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