Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Introducing my "Lovely" Pet

The picture above is my Lovely Pet. Coincidently, her name is "Lovely" too. She was named Lovely because we want our house to be lovely place to stay in always. She is a local breed rabbit, borned in Aug06. Given by a friend.

Rabbits are very intelligent animals and make wonderful pets. They listen to commands just like Cats and Dogs. They know where their toliet is. They will come and lick your feet when they want someone to pet them. They play with you by hopping around you. They are very clean and smell-less. They have an average lifespan of 8 yrs.
Sad to say. There are many people who abused Rabbits.
1) They buy because they are cute, but when novelty wears off, they throw them in the park.
2) They do not sterilise their rabbit and they multiply real fast.
3) They neglect their rabbits. Many die through stavation or diseases.
I have to say that Lovely brought a lot of joy into my family. If you are ready to adopt a pet, Rabbit is a good choice. I'm currently looking for a friend for her. If possible, don't buy, "ADOPT"...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

Your Rabbit is cute and nice.
I like animals, but I would not like to bring any pets at home.
My parent may not like it. And i can't bare it if any pets that left me. I will definately cried like hell.
Perhaps, Provide food for them or doing a donation to SPCA.