Thursday, May 24, 2007

Protection against Fire at Home

I remembered an incident while I was handling insurance enquiries in my company last year. A middle aged lady walked in, begging to buy a Home Insurance. We asked why, she said that she wants to buy now because her house was burnt down last week and hope we can pay.

Of course, we told her that it is not possible to buy now to claim what was burnt last week. She was devastated and we told her to seek help from her MP. There was nothing that we can do. SAD...

From that incident, I realised that it is paramount we protect our most important asset, which is our house. Home Sweet Home...

2 things we need in the house.

1) Fire Extinguisher
* If Fire is small. Fight with your might with the Extinguisher.

2) Home Insurance
* If fire too big, Run for your Life. Let the Insurance pay what you will lose.
* Make sure the insurance plan covers the a) Building, b) Renovation and your c) Content.
* If your house is under HDB Loan, you will most probably have the AIG insurance that covers the building only. Then you better get an additional one that covers the renovation and content.

=> Fire extinguisher can buy from Hardware shops and places like Singapore Post. Cost ard $25-$30.
=> Home Insurance? Can buy online too from Insurance Companies too. Quite hasslefree.

So. Don't play play. Buy before its too late.

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