Monday, May 21, 2007

Quit Smoking - Part 2

People keep smoking because they can find all the reason to smoke and cannot find strong reason to quit. They know the health risk, they know its no good, but most do not care.

To release the mental addiction, the smoker must
1) Really decide to quit
2) Know the reason for quitting
3) Get rid of temptations
4) Set a dateline
5) Stay positive, withstand the withdrawal symptoms and manage future temptations

For more structured method, you may look out below useful site:

To Release the Physical addiction, the smoker can make use of some products to help:

They are basically Nicotine patches, Chewing Gums and pills that contain Nicotine. All these products can help relieve some physical addiction for Nicotine from smoking.
They can be purchased in Singhealth Pharmacies and some Guardian Pharmacies.

I hope these info can help those who have intention to quit smoking. The most important thing is, you must make the decision to quit first.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, a friend from NS here, if you have friends who want to quit smoking, might want to refer them to

This guy's method requires no will power and no NRT, just overcoming the misconception that there is any physical addiction at all.

allen carr on youtube

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Thats really interesting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the article, I've read it. If a person want to quit they will find the way to quit.

If not, just call (65) 1800 2231313 to Health Promotion Board and asked for consultation.

If they still unable to quit,I have no comment. They should know what is the consequences if they continue to smoke.

I do not smoke and hate the smell. However, I have a lot of "smoker" friends and relatives around me. I tried to pursue them, but i've failed. And one of my uncle had passed away caused by lung cancer due to my taking too much of cigarette. He had suffered the disease for long time.
Pay off a lot of money to purchase the cigarettes and hospital bills.