Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quit Smoking - Part 1

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

I wrote this because my uncle was diagnosed with Lung Cancer recently. I accompanied him to hospital over 10 times during a short span of 1.5months. I had seen how his health get worse and suffers during each visit. He smokes 30 sticks of cigarettes daily perviously. He is only 45 yrs old with 3 young girls to take care. He is still fighting the cancer. I hope I can help some smokers quit.

Physical Addiction:
Common withdrawal symptoms: Feeling irritable, anxious, depressed and difficulty concentrating.
The body craves for the nicotine it normally receives from cigarettes.

Mental Addiction:
It is the behavioural aspect of breaking the smoking habit. Eg, the habit of smoking after meal, the habit of smoking with a group of friends, the feeling of holding and puff the cigarettes

It is both the physical and behavioural aspects to smoking which make you want to reach for the next cigarette.
For those who have not pick up this habit. Remember the below phase:

"It is the first stick of cigarette that may kills you one day, not the last stick!"

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